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Skilled Legal Assistance And Guidance During The Probate Process

After losing a loved one, many families have little time to grieve before they must begin the difficult process of probate. During this already overwhelming time, they are saddled with the responsibility of probating the loved one’s assets and estate – an already confusing and sometimes complicated process.

Leach & Sullivan, Limited Liability Partnership, has served Duncan and southern Oklahoma for over six decades and has assisted families and individuals throughout the area throughout the probate process, managing the legalities as they focus on mourning their loss. Our probate lawyers will provide clear answers and step-by-step guidance from start to finish, making sure the process is completed correctly and the rights of the family are protected.

What To Expect During The Probate Process

During the probate process, all of the deceased’s assets must be tabulated and accounted for. Creditors and lenders must be paid back and settled with. Then, the remaining assets must be distributed appropriately. If the deceased did not have a will, this could be complex.

We help clients throughout this process to ensure all property and assets are distributed correctly, limiting the possibility that the government or state will take more than necessary. Our attorneys have significant estate planning experience and also handle any issues that arise, delivering experienced legal solutions.

We also assist people with ancillary probate, where a family must complete probate in another state and then also probate land or other assets in Oklahoma. This often involves handling leases with the oil companies or others.

Attorneys Here To Serve You

If you have lost a loved one and must now probate the estate, turn to a firm that has been trusted by families for more than six decades. Contact us online or call our Duncan law offices at 580-255-1111 to discuss how we can help.