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Skilled Legal Solutions For Oil And Gas Disputes

In many areas of the United States, the law of oil and gas is not widely understood. Unlike many law firms, at Leach & Sullivan, Limited Liability Partnership, we have represented numerous mineral and landowners in legal matters related to oil and gas.

We have obtained results by obtaining royalties for clients that were supposed to be paid but were not. We have also successfully won nuisance and surface damage cases for polluting the land owner’s property. Contact us online or call 580-560-2029 to schedule an appointment. We represent clients in Duncan and throughout southwestern Oklahoma.

Obtaining Royalties For Rights Holders

Our firm handles royalty issues from the perspective of the owners. Mineral owners lease their land to operators and retain a right to royalties or a percentage of production. Sometimes, the operators do not pay the royalty owners, or the money is transferred to the wrong parties.

We represent clients in oil and gas law cases related to:

  • Mineral ownership rights below the surface
  • Ownership of extracted oil and gas
  • Lease disputes with drilling companies
  • Oil and gas contracts
  • Surface damage on natural gas or oil lease matters
  • Oil field accidents and gas rig accidents

Experience Makes The Difference

Stephens County is one of the oldest oil-producing counties in the state of Oklahoma, and we have more experience than most law firms in these types of cases. Our firm was founded over 60 years ago, and lawyers from the Sullivan family have represented clients in the area since the 1920s.

Our oil and gas law attorneys have made new Oklahoma law impacting operators or other third parties that claim to adversely possess minerals. We have also successfully obtained royalties for wronged mineral owners on numerous occasions when operators fail to pay what is due.

Vast Understanding Of The Oil Industry

Contact an experienced lawyer to handle your oil and gas law case. With over 60 years of experience, we offer clients the legal counsel they need to resolve their problems. Contact us online or call 580-255-1111 to schedule your appointment.