Protecting Your Rights After A DUI/DWI

Most people are stunned by a DUI or DWI arrest. They never expected this would happen, and they aren’t sure of what to do next, who to turn to or even if they have any options, at this point.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is important that you act as quickly as possible, seeking skilled legal representation. There are options available for keeping your driving privileges and minimizing the impact the DUI will have on your life.

Achieving The Best Possible Outcome After A DUI Arrest

Leach & Sullivan, Limited Liability Partnership is trusted by individuals throughout Duncan and southern Oklahoma for its’ lawyers’ abilities in negotiating with prosecutors, working with judges and getting results for those accused of drunk or impaired driving.

Without skilled representation, this mistake could be on your license forever. To fight the charges, call our law offices today to discuss your arrest and how we can help. Call 580-255-1111.

What To Expect After A DUI Arrest

Immediately after a DUI arrest, the clock starts ticking. There is a window of time in which you can still take action and seek a modified license to continue driving to work. Our attorneys will immediately set to work negotiating with prosecutors and investigating how the DUI stop and arrest took place.

We will make sure that your rights are protected through the process, carefully reviewing why you were stopped, how you were tested for alcohol use and whether law enforcement made any mistakes in charging you.

Our attorneys will fight for alternative sentencing, such as counseling, defensive driving school deferred sentences and modified drivers’ licenses.

You Can Afford Legal Help

Many people assume that they cannot afford an attorney after a DUI. They do not realize how much the full brunt of a DUI sentence could cost them, including fines, the cost of a Breathalyzer in the car and the potential to lose their job. We use our legal abilities to keep these costs low and produce an outcome that doesn’t ruin your future.

For more information, call our law offices today.