Experienced Environmental Law Advocates

Southern Oklahoma is known for the wealth of oil and minerals that it provides. Individuals and families throughout the area are heavily invested in the oil industry, trusting the leases, agreements and contracts established with the oil and drilling companies to protect their interests and the land they are providing for use.

When companies fail to uphold those agreements or contaminate the land, the landowner has legal options for protecting their rights and their land.

Protecting Your Rights As A Landowner

Leach & Sullivan, Limited Liability Partnership has decades of experience representing landowners and families throughout Duncan and southern Oklahoma in environmental law and oil and gas disputes.

If you and your family have suffered due to issues with an oil and gas company or contamination to your land, we have the experience and legal solutions needed to protect your rights and seek damages. Call our Duncan law offices today at 580-255-1111

Our Experience

Our team has successfully represented owners in all types of disputes, including:

  • oil spills
  • salt water spills
  • site contamination
  • failure to clean up drilling sites
  • water issues

We also assist in royalty disputes and lease disputes.

Our environmental law attorneys work with experts and investigators to determine exactly how the oil and gas companies failed to uphold agreements, and we build a case that holds these big companies accountable for the damage they did to your land or the damages that you suffered because of a breach of contract.