The Family Law Solutions You Need

Family law issues and divorce can set the stage for some of the most frustrating, stressful and overwhelming months or years of your life, attacking what you care about most.

Help For Your Family During Difficult Times

Leach & Sullivan, Limited Liability Partnership comes alongside individuals and families who find themselves in the midst of situations they never imagined they would face, providing the answers and solutions they need to make informed decisions and achieve the best possible outcome.

From divorces and child custody issues to adoption and guardianship matters, we provide a comprehensive range of family law services. No matter what you are facing, we are here to help.

To speak with one of our attorneys about your situation and the legal solutions that can help, call our Duncan law office today at 580-255-1111.

In the state of Oklahoma, family law and divorce matters must first go to mediation. This means all parties will sit down and try to negotiate an agreed upon outcome. Our family law attorneys have proven successful time and again at delivering agreements with minimal stress and unnecessary heartache.

We Can Take Your Case To Court

We also represent individuals where mediation has failed and they now need the strong representation of a skilled litigator to protect their interests and those of their children.

We assist in all family law matters, including divorce, division of assets, division of retirement accounts, child-related issues (such as custody, support, guardianship, parental rights and visitation. Above and beyond the legal results we achieve, our team helps families create strategies for handling some of the practical challenges of divorce, such as finding child care when both parents return to work and working toward agreeable co-parenting arrangements.


Sometimes the legal solutions that come out of divorce or family law issues don’t make sense years down the road, because circumstances have changed. We often assist in seeking modifications and amendments to these decrees to make sure that the structure in place still serves the best interests of everyone involved — most importantly the children.