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Will a DWI negatively impact your employment?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2022 | DUI

Right now, you may have an amazing job working locally with an oil and gas company. You might have to drive for work, too, which means that if you get a DWI, you could see your job prospects limited or lose your job completely.

What happens after you’re accused of a DWI versus if you’re convicted will vary, which is why it’s so important for you to have a strong defense. A good defense may help you minimize the risk of losing your job over DWI charges and help prevent a conviction that could threaten your career.

If you drive for work, your job could be threatened

Frustratingly, if you do have to drive for work, whether you’re a trucker or drive another vehicle on the job site, you could find yourself out of work if you get a DWI. Many companies will not continue to employ those with DWIs on their records because of the increased liability. Additionally, if you’ve lost your license, you may no longer be able to drive commercially or legally drive any vehicle on the property.

If you don’t drive for work, your job might still be safe

Depending on the employer, you may be able to keep your job even if you get a DWI. For example, if you don’t drive for work and can continue to get to work on time despite your past DWI conviction, you may be able to keep your job and continue in the field.

However, you will need to look at your employment handbook or other documents that you signed when you agreed to work with the company. If the company has a clause regarding convictions or criminal backgrounds, you need to take a look at it. Some companies will not employ those with misdemeanors or felonies on their records, or others may have disciplinary actions that they take against those who violate the law.

For now, focusing on defending yourself may be the best bet for protect your interests and helping you avoid job loss. With the right support, you may be able to get the charges changed or dropped completely.